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Turnkey warehouse construction
Construction of turnkey warehouses is a complex of works, as a result of which the facility is completely ready for use, while meeting modern quality standards. Such work, as a rule, includes all the stages of commissioning an object - from the creation of the project to the delivery. We are talking about pre-design work, design, construction of buildings and engineering infrastructure, installation and installation of equipment, landscaping, etc.

Construction of warehouse complexes from prefabricated structures
One of the most promising construction projects in our time are warehouses and warehouses. Sooner or later, there is a need for each company working in the modern goods market to use storage facilities. However, the warehouses of the times of the Soviet Union in no way correspond to the current trade standards.

Construction of warehouse complexes: basic requirements
Thanks to modern building technologies, it became possible to build mass-quality and reliable warehouse complexes equipped with everything necessary to store a variety of goods. In this case, the requirements of customers for commercial real estate of this kind have increased significantly. It is, first of all, the materials and technologies used for construction, the basic parameters and arrangement of the facility, as well as the internal and external infrastructure.

Construction of the plant: technical project
The technical design refers to the necessary documentation with finally accepted and properly designed technical solutions. The technical design that makes possible the construction of the plant includes drawings and an explanatory note containing the necessary calculations, tables, etc. The general explanatory note contains a certain sequence, which is the summary of the project.

Construction of factories: designing
The construction of factories, like other facilities, begins with the design. Engineering refers to the design of low-cost factories based on available information sources, scientific data and existing prototypes. Technical design is understood as the development of a feasibility study, compilation of a consolidated budget, etc. It allows us to make a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of locating and building a factory , as well as selecting a land plot. In addition, with technical design, the solution to the most difficult problems associated with the construction and further operation of the factory is planned. It is connected with the definition of possible technical and economic indicators of the object.

Construction of class "A" warehouses: design and equipment features
Differences in size, design, arrangement, accessibility and degree of mechanization of warehouses have caused their division into classes. The basis of the market classification - the parameters of areas and the degree of development of warehouse infrastructure, including engineering communications. Accordingly, there are four classes of warehouses: "A", "B", "C", "D". The highest requirements for construction are applied to warehouses of class "A".

Construction of class "A" warehouses: basic requirements
One of the most important characteristics of class "A" warehouses is the optimal location of storage facilities. The approaches should be as convenient as possible so that the road to the warehouse complex does not become difficult for road transport. In the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, the passage of the railway route is mandatory.

Construction of refrigeration warehouses: main features
The construction of refrigerated warehouses differs from the construction of a warm considerable number of design features. The main ones are the external execution of the frame made of metal, as well as two versions of the flooring. The latter can be represented both by a purged underground and a heated structure. This makes possible the normal operation of the cold store. The external design of the frame prevents the appearance of freezing zones (the so-called "cold bridges"). As for special ways of constructing the base, they prevent the soil from freezing under the foundation of the object.

Construction of refrigeration warehouses: project stage
Technological and design features of designing refrigerated warehouses are taken into account already at the initial stages of the project. In the created technical task it is necessary to display a number of initial data, including the volumes and conditional capacities of refrigerated storage facilities, the typification of stored goods, the features of the temperature regime and the freight height of the warehouse. The methods of placing goods (on racks, pallets or in a combined way), as well as the scheme of each technological process and logistic data relating to the width of passes, technological zones, etc. are indicated.

Construction of warehouses: the main stages of construction work
How much the construction of warehouses will be successful - largely determines the candidature of the general contractor. Thanks to the accumulated practical experience, qualified engineering and technical personnel and professionalism of builders, as well as a modern production base, a warehouse complex of any complexity can be built and commissioned. At the same time, not only the quality of work, but also the acceptable terms of execution, are of particular importance. After all, in addition to the general contractor, in any construction project several legal entities are involved, including the investor, the customer, the general designer, the equipment suppliers, the operating organization, etc.

Warehouse construction: design
It is quite difficult to design the construction of warehouses. In this case, design is a multi-level process, requiring the participation of qualified professionals. It is important to understand that, in addition to the architectural and construction component, much attention is paid in such projects to problems of logistics.

Construction of commercial real estate: putting the object into operation
Acceptance of the completed construction site is carried out by a special acceptance commission consisting of representatives of the contracting authority, general contractor and subcontractor, design organization, state supervision institutions, trade unions, etc.

Construction of commercial real estate: design
The construction of commercial real estate includes such an important stage as the creation of a project. And the choice of the general designer means a lot - not only at this stage, but in general for the planned work. Therefore, it should be remembered that only a talented architect for full design is not enough. Under the general designer is usually meant an organization that unites specialists of various profiles. And it should be headed by the head, fully responsible for the project, including ideas, implementation and preparation of the necessary documents.

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