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Construction of refrigerating and freezing warehouses
Effective work related to the maintenance of food is impossible without special premises for their freezing and storage. Renting a refrigeration warehouse is a problem: most owners of commercial premises offer conventional facilities.

Construction of industrial buildings
The construction of industrial buildings using modern technologies with the use of innovative materials and equipment can be made in a short time. If the construction company has its own production of building materials, then there is a real opportunity to reduce the final cost of the building.

Construction of commercial real estate
The erection of commercial buildings is a complex of works that begins with the design of buildings. The facility is put into operation only when it is fully ready for use and meets all standards. Of great importance is the development of a competent technical project, during the creation of which all the important documentation is collected, the necessary calculations are made, scientific data are being studied, and economic estimates are being developed. Without technical design, building and operation of a building is impossible.

Construction of factories. Features, nuances and stages.
Moreover, the zone for its erection is determined by a special commission consisting of experienced specialists. When creating such an object as a concentrating mill, the type of soils, seasonal freezing parameters, favorable terrain relief and other characteristics for the construction of such a complex are taken into account. If it is necessary to build a furniture factory, it takes into account a large number of other factors important for its creation. Therefore, the creation of each industrial facility of this type is a very complicated process, implying high requirements for the qualification of a company engaged in the erection of such complexes.

Warehouse construction
Impeccable project - trouble-free construction and comfortable operation A professionally designed warehouse construction plan is based on the kind of products that will be stored on its premises, as well as rationally distribute economic, production, human and energy resources.

Design of industrial buildings
Properly designed production buildings strictly meet the requirements of production technology, ensure the necessary level of investment efficiency, fit into the surrounding buildings, are reliable and safe. They have the potential to expand existing production even without a temporary cessation of output.

Construction of logistics terminals
Nowadays the flow of cargo increases year by year and becomes so powerful that individual warehouses and even warehouse complexes can not cope with storage and movement of such a volume of goods. In order to solve the problems that arise, it is necessary to build logistic terminals. We are talking about objects, each of which includes several warehouses of class "A", constantly associated with road, rail, water or air routes of freight transport. In particular, logistic terminals are especially necessary in cases of transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another.

What includes the reconstruction of buildings and structures
The reconstruction of a commercial real estate object, regardless of its form of ownership, requires a special permit issued by the state authorized bodies. Failure to comply with this rule is punishable by large monetary penalties.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures: main advantages
Reconstruction of buildings and structures is one of the forms of real estate reorganization with the purpose of completely or partially changing its functions, equipping with new, efficient equipment, and also improving the construction to meet modern standards and requirements.

Industrial construction as a separate industry
In addition to a number of differences in the system of legislative regulation, industrial construction (construction of industrial enterprises, structures, buildings, facilities) has other features that distinguish it from civil construction. In particular, in addition to performing such works as the collection of raw data, the development of the technological process, general and volume planning, construction, installation, commissioning, etc., great attention is paid to industrial safety measures in industrial construction.

Industrial Construction: Basic Concepts
Industrial construction (construction of industrial enterprises, structures, buildings, objects) is a concept designating construction work directly related to a particular industry, both light and heavy. Often, this term is mistakenly understood as the erection of a shopping center, an office building, etc. In fact, industrial construction can not be called such activities.

Construction of warehouses "turnkey" (class "A")
Warehouses of class "A", as a rule, are single-storey and single-storey buildings, which greatly facilitates the loading, unloading and storage of goods, as well as their movement inside the warehouse. The highest requirements for the delivery of turnkey warehouse class "A" are, as a rule, applied to the floor covering and the ceiling design. The surface of the floor must be resistant to stress and wear, and also to prevent the accumulation of dust. As for the ceiling, its height should be at least 10 meters, as the higher the storage room, the more different in weight and dimensions of goods can be placed in it. In this case, the number of columns should be minimized. The absence of a large number of columns simplifies the process of maintaining the warehouse. A company using such a warehouse,

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