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BAUDORF Company targets a construction market for over 25 years. During this time, we managed to acquire long-term experience, good standing and positive feedback from our Customers.

Our success is primarily due to qualified personnel, carefully designed marketing plan, liberal pricing policy, and high level of services.

BAUDORF Company offers the wide range of services to its Customers, including:

  • design of industrial buildings;
  • construction of items of immovable property;
  • construction of warehouse complexes;
  • construction of logistic terminals;
  • construction of cold-storage warehouses;
  • construction of factories and plants;
  • and other items of commercial property;
  • reconstruction of industrial buildings;
  • technical support of completed projects.

Our principle of work performance is primarily based on work quality and efficiency. Construction of industrial enterprises of any complexity is not an issue for us. Due to long-term experience of our specialists, the company can easily say that it has some of the best industry professionals. BAUDORF Company is engaged in design and construction of industrial buildings and structures of any area.

Industrial enterprises vary widely depending on output product, so each new work is new and interesting object, construction of which we perform within the shortest possible time.

Designing industrial projects is very complex and labor-intensive process. But our company's experts adhere to the following principle: the more difficult the work, the more interesting it is to execute.

You can trust us and be sure that your project will be implemented in concordance with your wishes. We are scrupulous about any work, so we can state with assurance that we will implement your project within a strict deadline and within budget.

Construction of industrial projects: specifics and particularities

Требования, предъявляемые к строительству промышленных объектов

As of today, construction of industrial projects is a large specific area of construction works. The quality of performed works has direct impact on future operation of the enterprise and profit-making. So neither design of industrial projects, nor construction stage of industrial structures must have any gaps in their process.

Requirements applicable to construction of industrial projects

All industrial buildings are subject to huge dynamic and static loads on a daily basis, among which are vibration waves from operating equipment, large stream of people, and impact of aggressive chemical components. Therefore, construction of industrial enterprises must be made using high-quality materials only, in accordance with innovative technologies and professional performance. Initial calculations and design of production buildings must provide for absolutely all ins and outs of risks and hazards, since the slightest inconsistency may lead to rejection of building's admission to production processes.

Строительство промышленных объектов: специфика и особенности

Along with that, the list of requirements including construction of industrial buildings and structures is added by rules and regulations on occupational safety, compliance with requirements and rules of fire safety, environmental regulations, and chemical protection. Any design of industrial buildings suggests development of complicated state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning system.

Therefore, the choice of the company to perform construction of industrial structures to a good quality, in accordance with all abovementioned requirements, within the time specified, plays a pivotal role.

The primary stage is design of industrial buildings

When constructing industrial buildings we pay special attention to the design stage. This process is based on technological characteristics of future production. In this case, design of industrial buildings is developed involving the chief process engineer of the enterprise, and operation and production diagrams of the facility are fundamental.

Строительство промышленных объектов: специфика и особенности

In many cases, construction of commercial property is characterized by availability of large spans, high premises, huge existing loads, which arise due to sufficient number of suspended or process equipment. For this reason, one of the most complicated stages in design process is development of communications and utility systems, because production quality and functioning directly depend on their trouble-free operation.

In industrial construction, project developers must have adequate work experience and high qualification to perform the process in accordance with all peculiarities, requirements and regulations.

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