Turn-key construction of warehouses

Turn-key construction of warehouses

Low-temperature terminal Inmarko
Total area: 14,000 sq. m.
Construction period: May, 2009 - March, 2010
Location: Tula, Russia
Tomilino Warehouse Complex
Total area: 107,000 sq. m.
Construction period: March, 2007 - August, 2009
Location: Tomilino settlement, Moscow Region, Russia
Kiev Logistic terminal
Total area: 70,000 sq. m.
Construction period: August, 2006 - December, 2007
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
MLP Logistic terminal
Total area: 200,000 sq. m.
Construction period: June, 2005 - March, 2007
Location: Skhodnya, Russia
SOLO Industrial Warehouse Complex
Total area: 12,000 sq. m.
Construction period: May, 2005 - December, 2005
Location: Shchelkovo, Russia
TLG Logistic Center
Total area: 31,680 sq. m.
Construction period: August, 2004 - March, 2005
Location: Lobnya, Russia
Tablogix Warehouse Complex
Total area: 10,000 sq. m.
Construction period: August, 2003 - March, 2004
Location: Shchelkovo, Russia
Nestle Kinel Logistic Center
Total area: 18,000 sq. m.
Construction period: March, 2002 - December, 2002
Location: Kinel, Russia

Dimensions, equipment, layout of warehouses used by manufacturing and trading enterprises, determine company's throughput, its activity in servicing Customers, the volume of minimum balances. The quality of warehouse's execution is a factor of saving on deterioration of goods, a condition of well-deserved reputation.
We specialize in the construction of projects for commercial property, we design, construct complexes of any purpose and equipment. The top market players cooperate with us, including Nestle, Mon'delez Rus LLC, Unilever and many other companies.

Types of warehouse projects

Warehouse complex is a system of premises for storage of goods and cargo, including access roads, loading/unloading areas, auxiliary structures and fences.
Given high loads, the strict requirements apply to the floors:

  • The floor slab must withstand loads of up to 8 tons per square meter;
  • The floor level in the loading/unloading area should be 1.2 meters above the grade;
  • The permissible tolerance for floor smoothness should not exceed ± 2 mm by 2 m;
  • The floor coating should be resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion.

Depending on the nature of products and their storage conditions, warehouses can be divided into:

  • refrigerated warehouses, where predetermined low temperature is maintained at a constant level, regardless of external conditions;
  • freezing structures for storage of goods at temperatures below 0˚C;
  • heated warehouses.

According to the generally accepted classification, warehouse complexes are provided with a certain category, depending on structures, equipment and service nature:

  • Class A warehouses - with division into subclasses A+ and A;
  • Class B warehouses - with division into subclasses B+ and B;
  • Class C warehouses;
  • Class D warehouses.

We design and build warehouses of any classification and equipment.

All stages are under the supervision of a single contractor

Construction of a turn-key warehouse is your effective saving due to involvement of one contractor to all works. The range of works includes:

  • Exploratory design, survey.
  • Project development. Since 2003, the company has founded its own design firm.
  • Site preparation: planning, marking.
  • Design approval We have been working on the market for a long time and act by well-developed algorithms. With us, this procedure will be quick and without any problems for you.
  • Procurement of materials for the project.
  • Organization of construction processes.
  • Execution of excavation works and foundation construction.
  • Carcassing.
  • Sheathing of wall structures.
  • Floor construction.
  • Roofing works.
  • Erection of utility systems.
  • Finishing works.
  • Commissioning of the warehouse complex.

Warehouses constructed by BAUDORF suggest time-proven quality and reliability

BAUDORF Company is experienced principal contractor of the Russian market. We use proven technologies for the construction of warehouse projects, we possess our own design firm, so we can guide your project of any complexity at all stages. We ensure:

  • Rapid deployment on the construction site.
  • Adherence to deadlines.
  • Reliability and durability of completed complexes.
  • Optimum construction budget.
  • Professional advice at each stage of works.

Contact BAUDORF Company, and you will get the best design solution within the shortest possible time.