Construction of industrial and production projects

BAUDORF Company will help you to construct the plant, factory, warehouse complex, logistic terminal, and other items of industrial property. Our engineers' expertise is successfully come into fruition, taking the form of high-tech structures.

BAUDORF's experts develop each project, taking into account the characteristics of geographical location of production, specifics of activities, production capacity. Long-term work experience helps us to construct buildings of any complexity and to execute construction of various production projects - factories, new plant, warehouse or logistic complex within a reasonable time.

We understand that construction of factories or other industrial and auxiliary buildings and structures involve complicated and painstaking work, including clear picture of production activities of the enterprise, so we plan works subject to industry-specific standards and regulations.

The specific feature of large enterprises is consolidation of premises with various functional loads into a single complex. BAUDORF's experts will offer engineering solutions taking into account your wishes and in accordance with international quality standards.

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