Low-temperature terminal Inmarko

Total area:
14,000 sq. m.
Construction period:
May, 2009 - March, 2010
Tula, Russia
Construction budget:
1 billion rubles
General Designer:

Project description

The low-temperature terminal with a distribution unit and the storage temperature of -28°C is the first construction stage of the ice cream production complex of Inmarko (included in the Unilever group of companies). The logistics center includes warehouses and the discharge zone. Its total capacity is 20,000 pallet positions, designed for 5,000 tons of finished products. The terminal includes a unique complicated automated mobile shelf storage system with electronic movement control and automated conveyor lines.

The room is divided into four freezing chambers with a storage height of 12 m. All process and engineering equipment is placed in the roof-truss space, which significantly reduced the facility area. The refrigerating terminal is connected to the Ice Cream Factory through the low-temperature gallery with the automatic conveyor, through which the products come from the factory to the terminal. 

Project location