Unilever ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce and condiment factory

Total area:
18,500 sq. m.
Construction period:
July, 2012 - July, 2014
Tula, Russia
Construction budget:
2 billion rubles
General Designer:

Project description

The factory is a full-cycle enterprise with a capacity of 100 thousand tons/year. It consists of the warehouse of raw materials and packaging, prepacking, preparation departments, packing department with discharge zone, amenity and administrative premises. All utility infrastructure facilities (heating unit, water treatment, refrigerating equipment compressor unit, compressed air compressor unit) are located in the main building.

New equipment will annually produce 40 thousand tons of mayonnaise, 45 thousand tons of ketchup, 10 thousand tons of bases for hot dishes of famous trade brands of Unilever Company

This production technology included the use of steam (up to 12 atmospheres). As a result, a high-pressure steam boiler was constructed.

When constructing the project, we solved the problem of large changes in topography of the construction site by means of erecting a retaining wall 8 m high. Such technical solution allowed allocating the warehouse of raw materials and packaging and the main production at the same floor level, which greatly simplified and accelerated the production process.

The uniqueness of this enterprise is that one production building includes four different processes of manufacturing of:

  • ketchup
  • mayonnaise and sauces
  • dry mixes KNORR
  • jelly

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